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Pets are our best friends, companions, service animals, guardians, playmates, and much more. Garland Animal Clinic is an established, full-service, mixed animal hospital providing comprehensive medical, surgical, and dental care to the pets of Spokane, WA. Our experienced veterinarians strive to offer sound advice and optimal veterinary care, allowing you the enjoyment of your companion for many years.

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Spokane County's Most Dedicated Veterinarians

Garland Animal Clinic was established in 1966 to serve the pets of Spokane, WA. Doctors Steve Boharski and April Weber have owned Garland Animal Clinic since 1999, moving into their newer location in 2017. Doctors Saundra Taylor, Carrie Grace, Brianne Sorensen, Brooke Cummings, Sophie Ascaso, Lisa Pearson, Jo Cobb, Charlie Kittridge, Caitlin Himmel and our staff of certified technicians, client service representatives, veterinary assistants, kennel assistants, and management team complete our veterinary team.

Our veterinarians have a combined veterinary experience of over 85 years, ensuring a competent and complete workup for your pet at every visit. Our doctors share their experience and expertise with one another to ensure your pet gets the thorough and consistent care. Our dedicated, long-term staff will always give you and your pet the best care available.

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We at Garland Animal Clinic have been dedicated to providing our care to the Spokane, WA community since 1966, and we strive to treat your pets with the same care and compassion as if they were our own.