Pets have an ever increasing role in our lives. They are our best friends, companions, service animals, guardians, playmates and much more. As the role of pets has changed over the years, so has the role of veterinarians. Garland Animal Clinic is committed to providing the best care available for your pet. In this day and age, nearly every resource available in human medicine is also available in veterinary medicine. Our goal is to provide clients with the knowledge and resources available to allow them to make the best decisions regarding their pets’ care.

Garland Animal Clinic was established in 1966. Drs. Steve Boharski and April Weber have owned the clinic since 1999. Drs. Saundra Taylor, Carrie Grace and our staff of certified technicians, receptionists and assistants complete our veterinary team. Our combined veterinary experience of over 75 years ensures a competent and complete workup for your pet. Our doctors share their experience and expertise with one another to ensure your pet gets the thorough and consistent care. With a dedicated, long-term staff you can be assured we will give you and your pet the best care available.
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